Students & Recent Graduates

It can be a real struggle to get established in this current economy in our profession and many others.  It is a real “Catch 22” out there.  Employers want experience and how do you get experience if no one will employ you. 

We receive too many inquiries from students, recent or relatively recent grads attempting to get established in the workforce.  Because employers pay us large fees, they will rarely accept anyone but experienced candidates from us.

Our best advice is to REALLY network in your community and get some HIM experience while you are still a student.  Make as many HIM contacts as possible.  Of course, let those in your school know your goals and they may be able to help.  Constantly strive to make contacts at any local HIM/state associations.  Get your foot in the door somewhere and build upon it.

This has been a long-standing issue in the HIM profession. Perry Ellie wrote the Bridging the Gap – Education and Employment which was passed by the AHIMA House of Delegates in 2005.  It has since produced action from many associations and universities.

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