Telephone Interviews

Phase I – The goal of a telephone interview is to get a face to face interview.

  1. Who calls who?: Employers often prefer to call candidates at their convenience, but employers may ask a candidate to call them to test how serious they are.
  2. Candidate calls employer by first or last name?: This is up to the candidate and their comfort level, but calling an employer by their first name can break down barriers, but is NOT a 100% rule.
  3. Stand when on phone: This common technique allows your voice to project and sound more confident. Insure you are in a location where you will have no distractions. If you can have a mirror to look in, use it. Your facial expressions will reflect through your voice. If you are smiling, you will sound interested. If you are frowning, you will sound disinterested.
  4. Be Upbeat and Enthusiastic: You are only a resume, a piece of paper, to the potential employer. They likely have many resumes. Your enthusiasm/energy must stand out, but don’t sound phony.
  5. Speak clearly and slowly: Many people get very nervous during telephone interviews and may have a tendency to mumble into the phone. Relax, speak slowly. Do not sound rushed or anxious.
  6. Make preparation notes (questions): But do not write a script for the interview, just speak freely from your notes. See “Questions to ask” for further insights.

Phase II

  1. Be prepared to give highlights: Be prepared to give a positive two minute summary of your professional career. Rehearse this!
  2. Asks questions: You should talk and carry the conversation, not the employer. Avoid yes & no answers. See “Questions to Ask” for further insights.
  1. Determine what the employers’ short-term concerns are. “How can I make an immediate impact on the job?” Tailor the balance of your responses to examples where you resolved similar concerns.
  2. Ask hiring authority what his/her background is. This provides you with insight and generally places each of you more at ease.

Phase III

  1. Have script for this item only… When you sense the conversation is ending, be proactive and ask… “I know you are busy, and there is only so much we can cover on the phone. Based upon what we have both shared, I would like to meet with you. I have my schedule in front of me, when do you think we can get together?” You always want to end the conversation knowing what the next step will be.
  2. Know your skeletons, such as job hopping, being fired. Avoid weak excuses. NEVER CRITICIZE YOUR FORMER EMPLOYERS. Role-play and rehearse your responses to difficult or uncomfortable issues that may come up in the conversation.
  3. Call H.I.M Recruiters with feedback and to share the results of your interview!
  4. NEVER ASK QUESTIONS IN THESE AREAS IN A TELEPHONE INTERVIEWThere will be ample time to get these questions answered later or at the time of an offer.
    1. Dollars
    2. Security
    3. Benefits
    4. Commute
    5. Comfort & convenience
    6. Hours
  5. Call  H.I.M Recruiters with feedback and to share the results of your interview!

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