Career Planning

“Are you making a living…or designing a life?” -Jim Rohn

This quote resonated with our company President, Perry Ellie, and inspired him to open H.I.M. Recruiters. Only you have the power to change your career path, but we can help!

Never Stop Learning

Life-long learning is your keyword. The world is constantly changing, and everybody is looking for new ways of doing business. If you have decided that your current skills are good enough, you have also decided that your current job is good enough. But if you want a career in the future, you should add regular updates to your skills and knowledge.

Ask, Listen and Learn

A good listener can learn a lot. Listen to your co-workers, your boss, and your professional peers. You can learn a lot from their experience. Ask about issues that interest you, and listen to what they say. Let them tell you about how things work, and what you could have done better. Most people will love to be your free tutor.

Excel in Your Current Position

Your current employer might be best place to take the next step in your career. If you excel in your current job it can often lead to new opportunities and career advancement without having to change your work address.

Build Your Network

Your next career step will likely arise from your contact network. Did you know that more than 50% of all jobs are obtained from contact networks? If you have a good contact network, it is also a good place to discover future careers, to explore new trends, and to learn about new opportunities. Spend some time building new contacts, and don’t forget to maintain the ones you already have. One of the best ways to get serious information from your network is to regularly ask your contacts how they are, what they do, and what is new about their careers.

Identify Your Next Job

Your dream job must be identified; it is difficult to get somewhere if you don’t know where you’re going. Take time to seriously evaluate your likes and dislikes about your profession and steer yourself in a direction consistent with your values and interests.

In your dream job, you will be doing all the things you enjoy, and none of the things you don’t enjoy. What kind of job would that be?

For example: Do you enjoy supervising others? Do you like to work with technology or with people? Do you want to run your own business?

Prepare Yourself

Your dream might show up tomorrow. Be prepared, don’t wait a second. Update your resume now, and continue to update it regularly. If you don’t know how to write a resume, or how to describe yourself, start learning it now. Same holds true for interviewing, many techniques can be researched and improved prior to getting an opportunity to interview for that dream position.

Realize Your Dreams

Put your dreams into action. Don’t let a busy job kill your dreams. If you have higher goals, put them into action now. If you have plans about taking more education, getting a better job, starting your own company or something else, you should not use your daily job as a “waiting station”. Your daily job will get more and more busy, you will be caught up in the rat race, and you will burn up your energy. If you have this energy, you should use it now, to realize your dreams.

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