Letter of Resignation

It is up to you to end your relationship as professionally as you began it. Write a letter that expresses your thanks for the opportunity to progress in your career and to respect your decision to resign. Put it in your own words and either mail it personally or hand it to your immediate supervisor. Be pleasant, but firm in sharing your decision.

Sample Resignation Letter

Company Official
City, State, Zip

Dear _________________,

Effective ___________(date), I will be leaving the organization (give a 2 to 4 week notice* and specify the dates and time frames). I will respect guidelines of my non-compete agreement (if applicable).

I want to thank you in advance for respecting my professional judgement in this matter. I greatly appreciate your cooperation and ask that you avoid any attempts to change my decision.


* Two weeks is generally adequate notice for clerical and coding roles. Three weeks may be appropriate for a supervisory role and four weeks (thirty days) may be necessary for a management role.

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