What We Do

We use our solid reputation for quality, honesty and success to represent you!

First, we have a discussion with you to gain insight into your particular needs. Because we have so much HIM expertise it often takes a minimum amount of your time to gain an understanding of your opening.

Second, we request supporting documentation for the opening such a Job Description, Organizational Chart, Benefit Summary and other pertinent documents to better understand and expedite your search.

Third, we begin to utilize our thousands of database contacts to network throughout the country on your behalf. This includes: posting your opening on appropriate job boards like HIMjobs.com (with over one thousand hits per day), social media sites, email marketing, and other applicable tools.

Next, we have an initial consultation with qualified candidates and screen them for your specific job requirements and preferences.

Finally, we share these pre-screened resumes with you with our cover page comments highlighting elements of our conversation with each candidate and their specific strengths/weaknesses and personal preferences in relation to your opening.

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