Why Use a Recruiter?

First, not all recruiters are the same!


H.I.M. Recruiters specializes in recruitment within the Health Information Management profession, so we really have our finger on the pulse regarding exciting job opportunities that are perfect for you.


We have excellent relationships with many hiring managers in our profession. If you meet the qualifications and background that the employer is looking for, we will submit your information directly to the hiring manager. How many times have you applied for a job and never heard anything back? That will be virtually eliminated when you work with H.I.M. Recruiters.

Exposure to Specific Jobs

Knowing the industry so well allows us to match your skills to appropriate employment opportunities in an efficient, yet comprehensive fashion.

Time Constraints

For you as a job seeker, working with us can save you plenty of time. We will not only give you access to the untapped job market; we will also do it on our time and not yours. If you’re currently employed while you’re searching for a new job, the services of a recruiter can be invaluable.

Compensation Negotiation Assistance

When you choose to work with us, we routinely assist our candidates in negotiating their compensation packages. Often we have negotiated other offers with the same employer and have significant insight into their process and salary ranges that allows you an optimal outcome.

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