The Process


First, you will need to submit your resume by applying for an opportunity or submitting it through our website. If your background and experience matches a current opportunity we will contact you to discuss.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation involves these basic parts:

Discussion of what your needs are (information gathering)

  • Presentation of information on the companies that match your goals
  • Seeking your permission to share your resume on the opportunities that interest you
  • Sharing supporting documentation on the opportunity (job description, benefit information, etc.)
  • Explanation of employers hiring process to prepare you for a successful outcome

Presentation to the Companies

After the initial consultation, we will submit your resume directly to the hiring authority with the employer(s) that you are interested in. We personalize our comments highlighting your specific strengths and preferences. We would never submit your information to an employer without your prior knowledge and approval.

Length of Process

The length of the process will vary from employer to employer. We have placed candidates in as short as one day and others have taken several months. Be patient; remember that these are the opportunities that interested you!

Establishing a Long Term Relationship

After you have secured employment through us, we will continue to be there for you. Providing a source of constructive feedback and continuing career counseling aimed at assisting you with your professional growth and advancement.

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